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Jan. 20th, 2011

Concentrating, Reading

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Illyana is wandering in the backdoor.
Yes. The back door. That back door.

She'd been 'porting to the living room from her bedroom for Sam's brilliant team leader we should have a winter break meeting thing. Except she ended up in the Milliway's stable. It's not all that new. Ending up where she never meant to go. But she couldn't teleport away from Milliways. Again.

She only appeared five feet from where she'd been.
At least she doesn't think she's a year in the future (again).

She wondered how well Sam would buy 'stolen by intergalactic bar.'
It wasn't even the most farfetched thing they'd done in the last month.

[ Note: Name: Illyana Rasputin | Age: It's Complicated, or 14 | Codename: Magik | Hate of The Beyonder & A Man Named Ogun: Quite insignificant compared to later | Plot: She's Turning Japanese]</small>

Aug. 15th, 2007

Watching, Still and True

Fourteen things about Illyana

1. Illyana has never claimed to be anything but what she is. She has, though, never explained to anyone fully what that is. And she does know.

2. Though the Beyonder could take her powers from her, he knew nothing of her. She thinks Doctor Strange may be the only person who has a inkling of what that truly is.

3. The most magical word she has ever heard in her life is snowflake.

4. She wanted to be a mutant from the first day her brother became one. Not because his power was cool or because it was useful. Simply because he was (and always would be) her hero.

5. She would do anything for her brother. Anything. No qualms, no provisos, no exceptions, no explanations, no hesitations. Anything.

6. That did not stop her from being more than a little jealous that he got Kitty first (and last).

7. Though she never saw herself as being one of those people who had that kind of time afforded to her future, she wouldn’t have minded a go at Rahne or Roberto if they’d have been of a like mind.

8. Illyana spent a great deal of her last few years as a teenager wondering, not when or how she would die, but rather if she could since three-fifths of her soul was no longer mortal.

9. She'd really like to die. And die innocent. And stay that way.

10. She has no problem with Communism, even after having lived as an American. In the Rodina her family always had work and food. She really never gets over how much more people claimed to need in America.

11. Illyana has not stopped trying to make the acorn.

12. It still does not work. Which may explain a lot about not being comfortable in her own skin, or being a “hero”.

13. She hates that she is calmer and more at center in Limbo than she ever is on Earth.

14. She will not ever give up struggling to have the two-fifths good side of her soul win out against the demonchilde. She doesn’t mind that it looks like it’s a losing battle. She is Russian, after all.
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